Thomas Tallis & William Byrd: Cantiones Sacrae, 1575

CD Cantiones
Jan 2011
130 minutes
Obsidian Records

In 1575 Thomas Tallis, then an ‘aged man’, and his pupil and friend William Byrd, who was in his mid to late 30s, paid tribute to Elizabeth I by selecting 17 motets each for their Cantiones Sacrae (‘Sacred Songs’), the first major printed collection of music to be published in England. Many of these works have since become staple in the repertoire of church and chamber choirs throughout the world. This is the first recording to present the Cantiones in their entirety, by the same group of singers, and in the composers’ original order of publication.

Track Listing: 

CD 1
1. Salvator mundi [i] (Tallis)
2. Absterge, Domine (Tallis)
3. In manus tuas (Tallis)
4. Emendemus in melius (Byrd)
5. Libera me, Domine, et pone (Byrd)
6. Peccantem me quotidie (Byrd)
7. Mihi sutem nimis (Tallis)
8. O nata lux (Tallis)
9. O sacrum convivium (Tallis)
10. Aspice, Domine quia facta est (Byrd)
11. Attolite portas (Byrd)
12. O lux beata Trinitias (Byrd)
13. Derelinquat impius (Tallis)
14. Dum transisset sabbatum (Tallis)
15. [Honor] virtus et potestas (Tallis)
16. [Sermone blando...] Illae dum pergunt concite (Tallis)
17. Laudate pueri Dominum (Byrd)
18. Memento homo (Byrd)
19. Siderum rector (SCTBarB)
20. Te lucis ante terminum [festal setting] (Tallis)

1. Te lucis ante terminum [ferial setting] (Tallis)
2. Salvator mundi [ii] (Tallis)
3. [Candidi] facti sunt (Tallis)
4. Da mihi auxilium (Byrd)
5. Domine secundum actum meum (Byrd)
6. Diliges Dominum (Byrd)
7. In ieiunio et fletu (Tallis)
8. Suscipe quaeso Domine / Si enim iniquitates (Tallis)
9. Miserere mihi Domine (Byrd)
10. Tribue Domine / Te deprecor / Gloria patri qui creavit (Byrd)
11. Libera me Domine de morte (Byrd)
12. Miserere nostri Domine (Tallis)

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